Transform Your Laundry Room

Loads of opportunities for hassle-free upgrades

You’re probably in and out of your laundry room multiple times a week, which is all the more reason this room needs to be as functional as possible—while still looking good. (After all, any room where you spend a lot of time should be pleasing to your eyes.)

Feel like your laundry room could work better for you, as well as use a bit of a makeover?

You can easily give this utilitarian space a refresh, without a lot of elbow grease. Here’s how.

  • Spruce up the walls. A fresh coat of paint, cheery wallpaper or even a piece of wall art or two can go a long way toward making your laundry room more appealing.
  • Top off your washer and dryer. If your washer and dryer are side by side, top them off with a wood, Corian or laminate countertop. Doing so gives you a flat surface for folding clothes or keeping supplies like clothespins within arm’s reach.
  • Improve the lighting. Have overhead lights but could use task lighting? Mount battery-operated puck lights under cabinets to brighten your work area.
  • Enhance the floor. An area rug (or runner) is useful for cushioning your feet and for perking up your laundry room. Make sure you choose a washable rug or an indoor/outdoor rug that you can hose off.
  • Add air drying essentials. Clothes dryers use a lot of energy, so why not install some electricity-free drying options? A securely mounted metal hanging rod, a foldaway, wall-mounted drying rack, or a wall-mounted, retractable clothesline are three no-fuss ways to help lower your electricity usage.
  • Rethink shelf space. Rather than store laundry necessities haphazardly on shelves, organize items by use and keep them in coordinating baskets or bins. You’ll save time by not having to dig around to find what you need; plus, coordinating containers will help give your room a polished looked.
  • Make use of your door. An over-the-door closet organizer is great for storing extra detergent, stain sticks, dryer sheets and the like—especially if you don’t have cabinets.
  • Hang a floating shelf. A floating shelf is ideal for adding a little personality to your laundry room. Use it for plants (if you have a natural light in the room), collectibles or wicker storage baskets.
  • Close the gap. If you have a side-by-side washer and dryer, chances are you also have a narrow gap between them. Add a thin, rolling storage unit that fits between the two and you’ll score another space for keeping things tidy.
  • Cover things up. If your washer and dryer are in a more communal space and you feel like they’re an eyesore, hide them when you’re not using them. You can easily add a curtain to keep them under wraps.
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