Creating a Reading Nook

Essentials for curling up with a good book

Unplugging with your favorite author or simply flipping through a magazine is a decadent way to spend some downtime. So why not make it even better with a dedicated area for a literary escape? 

A reading nook is easy to pull together, whether you have a lot of space to spare or just a little. Not sure where to start? Use these tips to help you create a calming place to relax, unwind and get lost in a story. 

  • Pick your spot. Take a look around. Do you have an unused corner or alcove? How about a lonely staircase landing or extra space in your bedroom? If you have enough room for a chair, you have enough room for a reading nook. 

  • Select your seat. Make sure the chair you choose is comfortable and provides good support for your back. If you have a furry friend who will be joining you, make sure your chair is big enough for two. Need someplace to prop your feet? Add a matching footrest, ottoman or pouf. 

  • Include a side table. A side table or garden stool comes in handy for holding a cup of tea, glass of wine or yummy snacks. 
  • Store your books. A standing bookshelf or floating shelves is ideal for displaying to-be-read books as well as your favorites. If space is tight, consider keeping books on a rolling utility cart that you can easily store elsewhere, or even in a pretty basket next to you chair.
  • Light it up. The right lighting makes all the difference when curling up to read. Even if your nook is next to a window with plenty of natural daylight, make sure you have task lighting, such as a floor lamp, for reading on overcast days or at night. (A book light also comes in handy for illuminating pages in the dark—no electrical outlet needed!)
  • Maximize comfort. Plush throw pillows and snuggly throws (think chenille or faux fur) make any nook more warm and inviting.
  • Make it personal. Surround yourself with things that bring a smile to your face—vacation photos, plants, framed art or that piece of pottery from your best friend.
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