Make Your Staircase a Work of Art

Add drama and a focal point to your home.

stairs-2Paying attention to your staircase can make it into a work of art.

We often regard our stairways as just a transition area from floor to floor, and we neglect the decorating possibilities.

And yet in many homes, the stairway is a focal point of the foyer or living room. Decorating it thoughtfully will add drama and beauty to your home.

A little TLC on your stairway can elevate your spirits.

Staircases tend to occupy an awkward space to decorate. They’re often long and narrow, with a rise in elevation to consider, or they’re in a small, fixed space, so decorating takes place in a constrained area. There’s not much you can do to change the exact shape of a stairway, unless you’re up for major home renovations, but you can still do a lot to add beauty and interest.

Just think of all the elements you can use to decorate a stairway:

  • Wall art, including paintings, mirrors, groupings of photographs, sconces, and collections of objects
  • Wall finishes, including interesting paint colors, faux finishes, wall coverings and wainscotting
  • The landings with accent furniture (such as small tables, chairs, stools, ottomans or benches), area rugs and accessories
  • The stair treads with surfaces of wood, stone, carpeting or paint
  • The stair risers with beautiful ceramic tile or an accent paint or stain color
  • The ceiling with a dramatic chandelier
  • The railing and banister, constructed of wood, metal, cable or rope, in a variety of styles, from the simplest brushed aluminum or clear varnished paint to ornate decorated iron or brass.

Lavish attention on your stairways and add drama and beauty to your home environment.


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