Green is a Very Adaptable Design Color

It just feels natural to decorate with green.

green-2Green goes well in almost any interior style from Traditional to French Country, from Transitional to Lodge-style, and more.

Green is the color we see most often in nature, so it’s not surprising that so many shades of green are named for plants and gemstones, including:

  • Sage, Lime, Malachite, Spring
  • Forest, Emerald, Mint, Fern
  • Grass, Avocado, Jade, Pine
  • Apple, Celery, Pistachio

Such a variety of hues means you can use green to create a range of looks and evoke a variety of emotions – subtle or edgy, calming or energizing, traditional or thoroughly modern.

Go rich and lush, calm and serene, or bold and brilliant.

It’s not always easy decorating with green. Mixing shades of green can be a challenge. It’s usually best to stick with one, or at most two, shades of green, then use neutrals and other accents in your design scheme. When you’re shopping, look at green hues closely in different lights and view your green design elements together before you purchase. Better yet, get the advice of an expert when you decorate with green.

Colors that work well with green really depend on the shade of green you select. In general, green goes well with:

  • White, gray, and neutral beiges and creams
  • Browns, camels and taupes
  • Pinks, reds and salmon
  • Small touches of blue, black, orange or yellow

Searching for a natural, outdoorsy look and feeling in your home?

Just add green!

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