Focus on Your Side Tables

Focus on your side tables

A side table – also called an end table or accent table – is different than a coffee table, which tends to be in front of your sofa and easy chairs. Because side tables sit alongside chairs or sofas, or against a wall, they’re often overlooked in planning your décor, yet they’re the perfect place to add an unusual or dramatic piece.

A side table can be an attention getter, without making such a big statement that it totally defines your space.

(IMAGE: A side table with an unusually shaped metal base adds interest.)

Silhouette Luminette UltraGlide Power View - Living Room
Pirouette - Satin Metallic

Attention-getting pieces

When shopping for an attention-getting side table, think:

  • Asian painted pieces
  • Turkish or Moroccan inlaid wood tables
  • Recycled wood pieces
  • Metallic pieces in a matte, shiny or distressed finish
  • Clear bold lucite tables

Or you can transform an existing side table by painting it a dramatic color, refinishing it with a faux finish or topping it with a beautiful piece of glass, marble, granite or mirror. Just make sure the design is in scale with your existing furnishings and complements your décor.

(IMAGE: An attention-getting metallic side table with a distressed finish. )

What to display

Side tables are perfect for displaying decorative objects, but don’t add too many objects or you’ll create clutter. Think about displaying items such as:

  • A small sculpture or object
  • Books
  • A floral arrangement or plant
  • A vase
  • A lamp
  • A photograph of family, friends or a favorite destination
  • Candles
  • A clock

(IMAGE: A side table is the perfect place to display books and interesting objects.)

Take a look at your living room or great room from a different angle, and focus on side tables this season.

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