Don’t Neglect Your Breakfast Area

Don’t neglect your breakfast area in your design plans.

Breakfast-2It’s the room that many of us use most frequently!

In our interior design plans, we often neglect the area where we eat breakfast, yet that’s a part of the house we use more often than almost any other – and where we start our day! It’s also a place for a light dinner, afternoon snack, or late night cup of tea, often while reading the newspaper or helping the kids with homework.

When planning your breakfast area for maximum function AND enjoyment, consider these factors:

  • Make sure the size and shape of the table – or counter – is functional. The fit is more an issue with breakfast areas than dining rooms since they often have to fit in with kitchen cabinets and appliances. Also, allow for plenty of working and walking space.
  • Use durable, easy-to-clean finishes for the tabletop or counter top, flooring and chairs. And test the chairs or stools to make sure they’re comfortable before you buy them.
  • Don’t scrimp on lighting. You want to be able to comfortably read the newspaper or a book.
  • Think about flexibility. The area should work well when there are just two people having breakfast, but also expand to seat more people when you have overnight guests or invite friends for a casual meal in the kitchen.
  • Consider a bar instead of a table. Bar seating takes less space, and stools can tuck under the counter. A bar also provides a wonderful surface for serving a buffet dinner!

Think about where you eat breakfast. Then make plans for this space to become your favorite part of the house!

© Hunter Douglas

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