Add Round Objects to Smoothen Hard Edges

Circular shapes will soften your design style.round-2

The possibilities are almost limitless.

Don’t be a square – or even a rectangle! Rooms that have only sharp edges and straight lines can create a feeling of too much order and lead to a sense of discomfort or inflexibility. Add just a few round design elements as an accent to soften and relax a room.

You can be creative in your definition of “round” to include more than perfect circles. Include ovals, egg-shapes, ellipses, arches, curls, cylinders, rings and more.

Even in the feng-shui concept of interior design, round shapes are important. Feng shui is about balancing five elements, one of which is metal. The metal element is expressed as a round shape in decor; and round design elements are believed to bring clarity, precision, freshness and equality into a room.

The possibilities for adding round shapes to your home environment are almost unlimited:

Think outside the box and smooth out the hard edges in your home.

© Hunter Douglas

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