Decorating Ideas for Patio Doors

When choosing ways to brighten up your patio doors, keep in mind it is a long-term purchase for your home. As with any long-term purchase, it’s always good to start with a checklist. Decorating ideas are no different. Here are some tips to consider…

  1. Does it fit in with your existing decor? Choosing a window treatment for your patio doors must blend with and pull in the other visual elements of your room and even your home. Don’t focus just on how the treatment looks on the door, focus on how the finished door will look in the room.
  2. By and large, all patio doors have very little depth and you should be looking at an outside mount for your window treatments.
  3. Door handles on french and atrium doors can interrupt window treatments. When purchasing window fashions that mount directly on the door, shallow is better.
  4. Durability can be a major factor in your decision. Will it hold up? A household with three children and their friends with a dog that bounces alongside of them will require sturdier window treatments than for those with no children and/or pets. Does your choice meet the activity of your household?
  5. How easy is the window treatment to clean? Vertical blinds and shutters generally are easy to vacuum and clean. If choosing a fabric application in an area prone to high volumes of dust and dirt such as a new housing development, we highly recommend choosing soil- and dust-resistant fabrics.
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