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A Beautiful Decorating Strategy: Layering

layering decor rug couchLayering adds beauty and sophistication to a decorating plan.

It’s not just for cakes or your wardrobe.

We think of layering when we decide what to wear – putting on a shirt over a camisole, then adding a scarf and necklace.

Layering for your home is similar; it adds richness and depth, and keeps your home warm in feeling and mood.

There are so many surfaces you can layer in your home. Add layers:

  • To your walls with wainscoting, stenciling, wall coverings and crown moldings
  • To your floors with rugs and carpets over hard wood, tile and stone flooring
  • To your window coverings by pairing soft window treatments with blinds and shades
  • To your bed with layers of sheets, blankets, duvets, comforters, throws, pillows and more
  • To your furniture with slip covers, embellished pillows and cuddly throws
  • To your lighting by combining functional task lighting with interesting lamps, chandeliers, wall sconces, spotlights and even candles
  • To your dining table with tablecloths, runners, place mats, chargers and dishware

Layers can be achieved with color, by using multiple shades within the same color family or with complementary colors, such as deep red accents in a sage green décor. Think of color layering during the holidays too, with accents in gold, silver, red and green, or blue and silver.

You can also layer with patterns, using several patterns in a decorating scheme or using the same pattern in slightly different colors or a different scale. Just be careful with too many patterns, so you don’t create chaos!

Think about layering with textures too, combining soft rich fabrics with crisp, clean linen and even tweedy, rough wools.

Think multidimensional about your rooms this summer, and add a little layering for depth and engagement.

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