Window Blinds Guide

Reasons to love this classic style

When it comes to window treatments, there’s something to be said for blinds. You can create just the right amount of light or privacy by simply rotating the slats, their clean lines complement both traditional and modern aesthetics and they’re easy to maintain. Have a room—or a couple—that could use a window treatment refresh? This quick overview makes the case for why you should keep blinds in mind.

Horizontal Blinds

The timeless look of horizontal blinds makes them perfect for any room in your home. In addition to windows, these blinds are also great for covering standard and French doors. You’ll find lots of choices in horizontal blinds. They’re available in a wide range of colors and optional decorative tapes, as well as in various slat sizes. (Keep in mind that the larger the slat, the greater the view through to the outdoors when the slats are open.) You can choose from several manual options for raising and lowering the blinds and tilting the slats; some styles are also available with motorized control for tilting the slats. In addition, horizontal blinds come in a variety of materials, including real wood, faux wood and aluminum. 

  • Real wood blinds: A timeless window-blind style, wood blinds complement almost any décor, from traditional and rustic to contemporary, while adding warmth to a room. They’re available in an extensive selection of paint colors and stains, giving you plenty of selection when it comes to hues. Wood blinds are a good choice for living, dining and family rooms, along with bedrooms. (They’re not an ideal option for spaces prone to moisture and high humidity, such as bathrooms.) 
  • Faux wood blinds: Faux wood blinds look like real wood but are crafted of alternative wood that stands up to the elements. These blinds can take humidity and high heat, making them great for bathrooms or homes in hot, humid climates.  
  • Aluminum blinds: Durable aluminum blinds are perfect for high-traffic homes—and you’ll find them all kinds of colors and finishes from metallic to matte. 

Vertical Blinds

Ideal for large windows and patio doors, vertical blinds feature vanes that hang vertically, either opening to one side or parting down the middle. Vertical blinds come in a wide range of styles and materials, from fabric and vinyl to aluminum. If you’re looking for something a little different in vertical blinds, though, you might want to consider soft vertical blinds or panel-track blinds. 

  • Soft vertical blinds: Elegantly styled, soft vertical blinds mimic plush drapery folds and are a sumptuous alternative to drapery. These graceful-looking blinds are available in many fabric and vinyl options; adjust the blinds by easily moving them from side to side with a wand.  
  • Panel-track blinds: These blinds pair well with homes that have a modern aesthetic. Their sleek, wide panels offer a contemporary feel and the panels stack tightly when open to optimize your views. While you can control these blinds with a wand, you’ll also find styles that are available with smart, motorized control—so you can conveniently adjust them with a remote, an app or with your favorite voice assistant.


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