The Perfect Coffee Table

Thinking outside the box when you select a coffee table will add drama.CoffeeTable-2

The coffee table is often the first object people “see” when they enter a room. An unusual coffee table creates interest and a focal point.

Coffee tables are often an afterthought in interior design, yet they provide an important anchor in most rooms, so your coffee table is an opportunity to make a statement. And it’s important that your coffee table is in scale with your sofas or sectional – and the size of the room itself.

  • Think outside the typical square or rectangle made out of wood or metal.
  • Consider a circular or oval table – or even a hexagon or kidney-shape.
  • Take a look at alternative materials such as mirrored surfaces, glass, fabric or stone.
  • You can even use a beautiful old trunk or an ottoman with a tray on top as your coffee table.

Before you select a coffee table, consider how you want it to function.

  • If you want to display a collection of your favorite objects or books, make sure your coffee table is large enough to accommodate these items.
  • If you want flexibility to move the table on occasion, don’t select a heavy marble or glass table.
  • Think about using two or three smaller tables that are lightweight.
  • If you want your room to appear larger, think about a mirrored surface. Or select a glass table that won’t hide a beautiful rug or floor.
  • If you want to serve food or drinks on the table, select a durable surface that can’t be easily damaged.
  • If you have children or seniors living with you or visiting often, avoid sharp corners.

Be creative when you plan your coffee table design for maximum beauty and optimal enjoyment!

Copyright Hunter Douglas.

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