The Ease of Easy Chairs

Easy chairs are all about total relaxation and taking life easy.

The very name “easy” says it all about selecting easy chairs for your home.

In terms of style, consider how your easy chairs will look with your other furnishings.

Since your easy chair will probably become the favorite chair in the house, make sure the fabric is easy to clean and long-wearing, but also soft and comfortable. Many people like leather for easy chairs because of its durability and supple, luxurious feel. An easy chair is the perfect place to add a bold new color, pattern or added texture to a room. You can even use slipcovers if you’re worried about the upholstery wearing out through overuse! Then add pillows and throws to finish the look and fine tune the comfort.

Beware! Some of us keep our easy chairs – and especially recliners – just a wee bit too long because we become so attached to them. It’s definitely time for a change if your easy chair is heavily stained, has split fabric or is covered with duct tape. Take action to buy a new chair or re-upholster your existing one. Life is so much better with a comfortable easy chair. Shop for one in 2014!

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