Softened Sunlight and Stunning Views with Duette

duette_cordlock_other_2Lots of homeowners in New England are lucky enough to enjoy beautiful views through their windows.  Whether you’re situated at water’s edge on a lake or up in the mountains with prime foliage viewing, chances are your windows are ready to show you something beautiful.  However, these expansive open spaces increase the amount of sun and heat are entering your home and decrease the home’s energy efficiency and privacy.

With the right window fashions you can enjoy your view, soften harsh sunlight, and improve the energy efficiency of your home with ease and beauty.  To find the balance in your space, we’d like to introduce you to the Hunter Douglas Duette and Alustra Duette shade collections.

Duette honeycomb shades offer an incredible range of opacities to diffuse sunlight without blocking it completely.  Shades are available in sheer, semi-sheer, semi-opaque and opaque fabrics to give you the most flexibility for light control, privacy, and energy efficiency.  In homes across New England, larger windows, bay windows, and patio doors are creating wonderful viewing areas in your home but are letting in tons of sunlight.  With Duette and Alustra Duette shadings, you, your furniture, artwork, and floors are saved from the harsh brightness and glare of UV rays, but still have the option of bright and refreshing interiors and beautiful views.

Plus, the innovative honeycomb design not only looks lovely in any interior, it also acts as an additional form of insulation for your home.  The honeycomb-shaped cellular pocket traps air between the fabric to help regulate temperature – keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  With up to a whopping 50% of heating and cooling energy escaping though a home’s windows any insulation is imperative, but the Duette and Alustra Duette honeycomb shades are the leading brands in increasing energy efficiency without compromising style.

The Duette and Alustra Duette collections are renowned for a generous palette of fabric colors and styles as well as versatile operating systems like the top-down, bottom-up system, VertiGlide ™ cordless system, and PowerRise ™ automated system.

Available with the DuoLite and LightLock options.

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