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Set Up Your Kitchen to Inspire Healthy Eating

How to make healthier choices a no-brainer

No matter the time of year, there’s no better time to get your diet back on track. And by creating the right environment, you can set yourself up for success.

Here are a few enhancements you can make to your kitchen that will inspire you to eat healthy all year long:

  • Display your produce.
    A colorful fruit or veggie display will not only brighten your kitchen, it’ll keep healthy snacks top of mind.
  • Place herbs within easy reach.
    Fresh herbs are a healthy way to spruce up any meal. Add a little greenery to your kitchen with herb plants, or store dried herbs in mason jars or a spice rack.
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Colorful fruit and veggie displays brighten your kitchen and keep healthy snacks top of mind.
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Clear your counter space and setup a tea or water station.

Re-organize your kitchen

  • Rearrange your fridge and pantry.
    Set nutritious foods front and center and less healthy options hidden out of view. As a bonus, prep fruits and veggies ahead of time to make them easier to grab on the go.
  • Ensure plenty of counter space.
    Other than items you use on a regular basis, clear your countertops so you have plenty of room to cook.
  • Set up a tea station.
    Drinking tea can actually reduce junk food cravings! Create a tea station with cups, saucers, sweeteners and a selection of green and herbal teas.

Set the mood for cooking

  • Light up the room.
    It’s more fun to cook when you can see what you’re doing. Install task lighting and go for shades or curtains that beautifully filter in natural light.
  • Turn on the tunes.
    Play soft music while you cook — it helps release stress and keeps you focused on what you’re doing.

A well-designed kitchen can make all the difference in your dietary habits, and soon you’ll find that healthy eating becomes second nature.

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Playing soft music while you cook helps release stress.
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