Sculpture home interior design

Sculpture is a Solid Design Element

Sculpture adds weight to your home decor and a beautiful focal point.

Sculpture home interior design

Placing a sculpture in your home is a solid design choice.

Introduce a solid piece of standing art to your home.

Sculpture adds a unique and memorable touch to your home. Statuary can be small, medium or large, and can sit on the floor or a table, or even be mounted on a wall. There are so many options in material, including bronze and other metals, marble and other stone, glass, wood and more. Even large plates mounted on a wall can be considered sculpture. And medallions on the ceiling surrounding your dining room chandelier can be thought of as ceiling sculpture. You could even use faux iron decorative grilles as a sculpture option.

The subject of your sculpture can be lifelike or abstract. Today, many homeowners are adding statues of buddhas, animals, birds and classic human busts to their décor. And, in the abstract realm, almost any design is possible. Some people even like statuary that adds humor or whimsy to the home. It all depends on what pleases YOU!

Whether your sculpture sits on the floor, on a table or against a wall, make sure it’s in a place where it stands out against the surrounding color and design elements. Otherwise it will “disappear” and not make an impact. The base can be important too – to steady a sculpture, bring it to the right height and add drama.

Sculpture may seem like an unusual topic for decorating the inside of your home since we most often think of statues as dramatic decorative items outdoors or in commercial buildings and museums. But think of some of the home interiors that you’ve found to be most dramatic and beautiful. Chances are they included a sculpture of some kind.

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