Rich and Tangy Mustard

Mustard is a warm, rich interior design color.Mustard is a warm, rich interior design color.

Mustard is not just for sandwiches. It adds tang to your home environment.

Mustard as an interior design color has a very similar role as mustard on a sandwich. Just a dollop adds a lot of flavor and pizazz, but too much can spoil the sandwich! If you don’t like the mental image of a sandwich condiment in your home décor, you can also call this vibrant hue goldenrod or egg yolk.

Mustard is a rich and warm color – and just a little bit daring! It goes well with black and white or with brown and white; and is very sophisticated when used with a gray and white color palette. Other accent colors that play well with mustard include deep reds, navy blue and lighter blue tones.

Because mustard is bold and dramatic, it’s best to use it in small quantities as an accent and not as a primary design color. It’s especially effective to use mustard in the kitchen to add brightness or in a powder room to add drama. Consider these design elements to get your mustard fix:

  • A piece of painted furniture or the fabric on an upholstered piece of furniture
  • A picture frame or artwork featuring mustard
  • Rugs and throw pillows
  • An accent wall
  • Window fashions and wall coverings
  • Linens on the dining room table, atop the bed or in the powder room
  • Lamps
  • Flowers and plants with mustard blooms
  • Even your front door!

Think outside the refrigerator this season and use mustard to space up your decor!

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