Organizing Your Stuff

Proper placement of housewares can be a striking element in a room.
Proper placement of housewares can be a striking element in a room.

Organizing your stuff will help you breathe easier and enjoy your home more.

Spring cleaning is such a cliche, but a bit of streamlining really does enhance your decor.

I would bet that even the most organized home owner still has at least one shelf, drawer or closet that has become a repository for “stuff” that has no function or adds no decorative value in the foreseeable future.

That means we can all benefit from a bit of “spring cleaning,” even though it’s such a cliché. Not only does managing your “stuff” make it easier to find the items you use most; it also makes your house look streamlined and clean, and enhances the design elements. Sometimes it’s not even about getting rid of “stuff”; it’s more about re-organizing what you have.

Start with just one shelf, cabinet or drawer so you don’t feel overwhelmed – and so you get a sense of accomplishment that spurs you on. Here are some ideas about where to start:

  • Your closet full of clothes and shoes
  • Your pantry stuffed with foods and housewares
  • Your linen closet crammed full of sheets and towels
  • Your bathroom cabinets crowded with out-of-date medications and cosmetics
  • A cabinet in your garage or family room that’s brimming with games, DVDs and books
  • Your home office that’s bursting with papers and computer accessories you no longer need

Once you’re done, it’s imperative to follow up with the next step: taking your discarded items to a charity near you – or having a garage sale. Don’t move your discarded items to the garage or spare bedroom – you’ll just create another spring cleaning project for the future.

Make time to organize this spring. Once your living space is orderly and clean, you may be inspired to redecorate an entire room or your whole house!

© Hunter Douglas

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