Make the Switch to Better Lighting

Add versatility to any room in your home with this easy upgrade.

One simple way to give a room more flexibility, without a lot of investment? Replace a standard light switch with a dimmer. After all, lighting changes the look and feel of everything in a room. So why settle for “on” and “off” when you can create just the right light somewhere in between?

Here are a few examples of how to put a dimmer to work for you.

  • In the kitchen: brighten lights while prepping your signature dish, then lower them to create ambiance for a quiet dinner for two.
  • In the living room: dim lights for binging your favorite series or hanging out with friends; brighten them for game night.
  • In the nursery or kid’s room: no need to turn lights full-on for those middle-of-the-night diaper changes or monster-chasing; dim lights are soothing for your little one as well as you.
  • In the bathroom: ease into your morning routine with dim light, then brighten the lights as needed for shaving or applying makeup; conversely, end your day with soft light and a soothing soak in the tub.
  • In the bedroom: lower lights at night to help you wind down before you go to sleep.

Replacing a standard light switch with a dimmer is an easy DIY project that you can do in about 30 minutes or less (always make sure you turn the power off at the circuit, first!); a licensed electrician can also make the switch for you.

One important note: If you have LEDs as opposed to incandescent or halogen bulbs in your light fixtures, make sure you purchase a dimmer that’s compatible with the types of LEDs you have (check the dimmer packaging or the manufacturer website for bulb/dimmer compatibility).

And when it comes to aesthetics, your options aren’t limited to a white rotary knob. Today’s dimmers are available in a variety of styles and colors, giving you lots of choices to complement your décor.

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