Make the Most of Smart Shades

Use schedules to enjoy easier living

One of the key benefits of smart, motorized shades is that you can schedule them to adjust automatically to any level, whenever you want. Taking advantage of schedules is a great way to add more convenience to your day to day, improve privacy, enhance security or even increase energy efficiency.  Not quite sure how you would use schedules? Check out these suggestions for putting schedules to work for you.

  • Gentle Wake-Up. Swap your alarm for a gentle wake-up by scheduling bedroom shades to open. Even better? Schedule your teenager’s shades to open, saving you the “get out of bed” hassle.
  • Maintaining Routines. Schedule shades to open automatically for breakfast or before you head out the door—to help keep your family moving during busy weekday mornings.
  • Instant Privacy. In the evenings, uncovered windows present a clear view into your home from the outside. You can avert the “fishbowl” effect by scheduling shades to close at sunset, so neighbors or passersby can’t peek into your home. 
  • Enhance Security. Heading out on vacation? Schedule shades to raise and lower every day at varying times during your trip, giving the appearance that someone’s home.
  • Increase Energy Efficiency. Schedules are a great way to capitalize on the energy efficiency you get from shades—as well as to keep your home more comfortable, year-round. In summer or warm climates, schedule shades to close during the day, so rooms stay cooler and your A/C doesn’t have to work as hard. In winter or in cold climates, schedule shades to open during the day, to let the sun’s rays heat up interiors, and to close when the sun goes down, to keep that heat inside.
  • Protect Interiors. While the soft glow of the sun’s rays can add ambiance to a space, those rays, when they’re at their highest, can also damage interiors over time. You can help prevent sun glare from fading flooring and furnishings by scheduling living room shades in west-facing windows to close during the sunniest parts of the afternoon.
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