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Interior Decorating with Plants


Adding houseplants to one room—or many—is an easy way to bring the outdoors in, while adding color and character to a space. A couple of bonuses? A touch of greenery can also help improve indoor air quality and may even help reduce stress.

And with so many types of houseplants to choose from, the possibilities for creating your own indoor oasis are almost limitless. Before purchasing, just make sure you know what the plants need to thrive, especially in terms of light and humidity.

Then let your creativity take over, thinking beyond a couple of African violets on a plant stand or the lone cactus on a windowsill. Use the following ideas as starting points—and put your imagination to work.

Make sure you mix things up
Make sure you mix things up
Swap out a bouquet for a classic look
Swap out a bouquet for a classic look
  • Create contrast. The most visually interesting houseplant displays are those with a variety of plant sizes, shapes, textures and growing habits (climbing, trailing, upright). Try different arrangements, swapping plants in and out, until you’re happy with the result.
  • Rethink your centerpiece. While a vase of cut flowers on a dining room table is always lovely, a houseplant is a longer lasting alternative. A pot of succulents, for example, adds a classic, timeless look.
  • Transform a bar cart. An unused bar cart (or a flea-market find, specifically for this purpose), is a great spot for displaying plants. Plus, you can easily move it if your plants need more or less sunlight.
  • Craft a focal point. Clustering plants close together on top of a buffet, a hutch or really, wherever you have the real estate, is a simple way of adding a statement piece to a room.
  • Go vertical. Have a bare wall? Install brackets or hang floating shelves, add some potted plants, and you’ll instantly gain depth and dimension.
  • Train trailing plants. Use your creativity with trailing plants, such as vines or ivy. Train them around a mirror, across a wall—the options are almost endless.
  • Dress up an empty corner. Have an area that simply needs something? A hanging plant, or if space allows, a larger potted plant on the floor, is the perfect solution.
Group plants for an eye-catching feature
Group plants for an eye-catching feature
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