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Improve Your Health with Feng Shui


Feng shui is the ancient practice of designing the environment in such a way that balances the energy in a space so it flows freely. When you are surrounded by this type of good energy, you feel lighter, happier and healthier.

Here are a few ways you can use feng shui throughout your home to improve your health and vitality:

Keep air fresh. Open your windows, buy air-purifying plants or use air filters to help keep clean air circulating around you.

Use sufficient lighting. Let the sun shine in to fill your home with natural light and try to go for at least three lighting sources in every room.

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Declutter and keep your home clean.
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Move electronics away from your bed.


  • Move electronics away from your bed. Alarm clocks, cell phones and radios should be at least two to three feet from your body, as they absorb good energy and lower resistance.
  • Think earth in the center of your home. What’s in the center? A dining room? Bathroom? Fill it with objects found in nature and natural earth tones. Put a mirror outside the bathroom door to prevent energy from washing down the drain.
  • Declutter and keep your home clean. Dirt and clutter can drag you down and make you feel heavy, which can cause disease or depression.


  • Fill your home with lush, vibrant plants. Air-purifying plants (as mentioned above) are great options. But avoid thorny plants, which have an attacking energy, and weeping plants, which could trigger depression.
  • Soften sharp corners or objects. If there’s something sharp pointing at you where you usually sit or sleep, put a plant in front of it or drape it with a soft cloth or curtain.

As you feng shui your home, visualize yourself healthy, energized and radiant!

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Fill your home with lush, vibrant plants.
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