Game Room Décor Ideas

Upping a Game Room

Create a fun place to hang out—for kids and adults alike.

A dedicated game room can be multifunctional—from a place for adults to entertain or a space where kids can play and teens can socialize, to a haven for relaxing and recharging.

Of course, game room basics include comfy furniture and ample lighting. But whether you already have a game room or are planning to transform your basement, the following suggestions can take any game room from good to great.

  1. Optimize for multiple activities. To get the most mileage out of your game room, try to make it as versatile as possible. While an area for movie watching or video game playing is almost a given, think about how else you’d like to use the space. If you have the square footage, a nook for reading, a table and chairs for card and board games, or a craft area are all worthwhile additions. Have a musician in the family? Designate a spot for larger instruments, such as a drum set or keyboard.
  2. Include extra seating. A couple of oversized, pillow-like poufs are great multi-tasking additions to a game room. Use them for extra seating when you need it, as a footrest, or even as a tabletop.
  3. Cut the clutter. A game room, just by its very nature, is conducive to lots of stuff. To avoid the chaos that clutter can bring (not to mention misplaced remotes or other electronics), make sure you have adequate storage. Look for a TV stand that has cabinets to neatly store video game accessories or use pretty baskets to corral craft supplies. A sturdy chest works well for holding board games and throw blankets, while also serving double-duty as a coffee table.
  4. Add floating shelves. Floating shelves are a great space-saver, and are perfect for holding books, framed photos and vacation mementos.
  5. Install dimmer switches. Having dimmer switches ensures you’ll always be able to create the right amount of light for whatever you’re doing—whether you want bright light for chess or dim light for streaming your favorite series.
  6. Consider a chalkboard wall. Turning a regular wall into a chalkboard is easy with chalkboard paint—and perfect for encouraging budding artists, keeping score or using as a message center.
  7. Infuse a little flair. When it comes to those touches that give a game room pizazz, it all comes down to what you like. Maybe you’d prefer a theme room that focuses on a sport, or you want to showcase your collection of movie posters. You could even repurpose tired board games by framing them and hanging them on the walls—for DIY art.
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