Finish Your Decor with Draperies

Adding draperies to your decor will beautifully finish your interior design plans.Draperies

Draperies are a design element that has so many looks and so many functions!

The versatility of draperies means that they can enhance the openness of your rooms to make them appear larger – or make your living spaces more intimate and private with a cozy feel. Draperies are easy on the eyes and soft to the touch.

Options include:

  • Tailored, formal panels with clean lines
  • Soft and feminine sheers
  • Luscious draperies with tassels and fringe
  • Side or top treatments that are totally ornamental

The possibilities of decorating with draperies are almost unlimited. You can make draperies the star of a room, adding color and drama – or consider them as a beautiful background to quietly blend with your other home furnishings elements.

Draperies are used primarily to enhance your decor; but they can be functional too, providing privacy and preventing fading. Best of all, add draperies as a decorative accent over shades, blinds or shutters that provide the function you need at the window – improving energy efficiency, preventing fading and keeping a room dark even during the brightest sunny day.

Often draperies don’t just cover the window and window frame, but are sized to optimally fit the wall they hang on and complement your decorating plan. Even a small window can have draperies covering an entire wall from side to side and floor to ceiling.

When purchasing draperies, there are important decisions about the fabric fullness, type of lining, where the draperies should draw, what kind of pleats work best, whether you should consider motorization, and more. That’s why getting advice from an expert is best when you order custom draperies.

Add a little softness to your decor with the magic of draperies!

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