Eye-Catching Fall Tablescapes

Easy ways to switch things up for the change of season

The transition between summer and winter brings with it crimson leaves, potted mums, crisp air, shorter days–and the opportunity to swap out summer décor for fall.

Along with changing your front door wreath, pillows and throw rugs, you might also want to explore elevating your dining room table with a fall tablescape.

The following suggestions are great starting points for incorporating an autumnal vibe. And the best part? You probably already have lots of items you can use. Simply take a look around your house and repurpose what works best!


Add candles

The soft flicker of a flame always takes the ambiance level up a notch. Try tucking votives into faux greenery or between mini-pumpkins or gourds. Or use glass vases to hold pillar candles paired with berry clusters.

Use colored glassware

Pack away the clear stemware and tumblers and amp up your table with a mosaic of color. The palette for fall glassware runs the gamut of earth tones from amber and burgundy to shades of green and smokey gray.

Look to your backyard 

Step outside to collect budget-friendly decór. Tree branches, pine cones, acorns and leaves all have a place on a fall table. You can intersperse them between place settings, capture them in clear glass vases, or even combine them with fruit in a basket or bowl.

Think beyond gourds

While gourds and mini-pumpkins are certainly harbingers of fall, you’ll also find a host of other fall accents to dress up your table or to add to centerpieces. Consider artichokes, ornamental kale, dried ears of corn and shocks of wheat. 

Swap flowers for fruit

A bowl of fruit–on its own or paired with pine cones or acorns, as mentioned earlier–is an easy way to bring seasonal color to your tablescape. Try apples, pears and pomegranates, which all hold up well.

Dress up place settings

Add a finishing touch to place settings with fresh or dried herbs, flowers or leaves. You can DIY your own with a little floral wire and some ribbon.

Opt for a rustic table runner

A jute or burlap table runner is the perfect accessory for tying a fall tablescape together. A lightweight, fall-colored plaid blanket also makes a unique-looking accessory for a harvest display.

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