Everwood® Blinds: Gorgeous Wood Blinds Without the Cost

The look of wood blinds is a special one – many people want to have wood blinds in their home, but many times homeowners are not comfortable putting wood blinds in rooms where blinds could warp, fade, or crack. Other homeowners may not be able to justify the investment that wood blinds requires. EverWood® Alternative Wood Blinds can give you the luxurious look of top-tier hardwood blinds without the cost. Bring the beauty, warmth, and look of wood to any room in your home – these blinds will stand up to the elements. Beautiful enough for the library, practical enough for the bath!
Everwood Alternative Wood Blinds Kitchen White
EverWood® is designed to have a natural surface finish and subtle texture – as if nature truly did create these alternative wood blinds. Generic, plastic-y wood blinds need not apply. The colors of the blinds also go all the way through to the core instead of being the same color core across all products with different surface colors. These blinds also have an anti-static treatment that prevents dust from building up. Compare them to other brands and you’ll see the difference. EverWood® alternative wood blinds are the best alternative wood blinds out there, and Hunter Douglas can prove it – in test after test, no other alternative wood blind stood up to heat, humidity, and sunlight like EverWood®. Even better, the blinds have been designed with thicker slats and wider tape spacing to ensure a less-obstructed view and better finished look. They also come available in 32 colors – there is a blind for your room, no matter what color scheme you want. See color swatches here.
Thanks to the composition of the slats, made from a PVC-free polymer,EverWood® alternative wood blinds will not fade, warp, or crack, no matter how demanding the environment. These blinds are built for areas with high humidity, extreme temperatures, and/or direct sunlight. They’re easy to clean, washable, and there is a price point to accommodate any budget! Hunter Douglas guarantees these products – backed by the Satisfaction Guarantee, if they fade, warp, yellow, or bow… your blinds will be replaced. Options
  • 2″ EverWood® or 2 1/2″ EverWood® X-tra blinds.
    • The EverWood® X-tra blinds give a shutter-like appearance with the versatility of a traditional blind
    • EverWood® alternative wood blinds offer fixed-slat window coverings to cover a specialty window shape. (We’re also happy to replace the glass if your specialty window shape needs it!)
  • A variety of finishes, including the TruGrain finish
    • Satin-finish solids are available in the most popular trim and wall colors to blend with your current window molding
    • TruGrain is the most realistic wood stain finish available, boasting the same depth of color and richness found in real wood

  • de-Light™ feature, delivering privacy and daylight control.
    • Blocks out 50% or more light than standard holes, and gives you a beautiful look
  • Two choices of a lift system
    • LiteRise® cordless lift system
      • A cordless system with a proprietary design makes it easy to raise your shades to an even height – no lift cords for a clean, uncluttered look, with added child safety
    • PowerTilt 2.0 Motorized Tilt System
      • A motorized system that easily tilts slats open and closed via remote control, blinds can be tilted from up to 50′ away. You can operate individual blinds or groups of blinds and are perfect for large or hard-to-reach windows
  • Selection of custom valances
  • Two- or three-on-one headrail
    • Shades operate independently on one headrail, allowing for coverage of larger expanses of windows
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