Dramatic Windows

Open up your design plan with dramatic windows.

Windows can make a room appear more airy and spacious, and they add so much drama! It could be the shape of the windows that’s interesting or the size (really large!) or the view outside (really spectacular!) that adds the pizazz.

Non-standard windows may already be in a house you’ve built or purchased. Or you may be planning a renovation and thinking of adding new windows. Depending on the size and shape of the window you select, specialty windows work in almost any room of your house!

Silhouette Window Shadings - Clearview Originale - Living Room
Silhouette Window Shadings - Quartette - Living Room

Specialty windows expand the elegance and interest in a room.

Specialty windows come in many styles including:

  • Arches
  • Circles
  • Skylights
  • Angle tops
  • French doors
  • Bay and bow windows
  • Corner windows
  • Hexagons and octagons

Add window fashions for privacy, light, and temperature control.

At first, most people plan to keep their large windows uncovered to highlight their beauty and the view outdoors, but often window fashions are needed for light, privacy, and temperature control. It can be a challenge; however, many window treatments work beautifully for these dramatic window styles.

Depending on your window shape and location, one of these window treatments from Hunter Douglas may be the perfect solution:

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