Deep Blue Accents - Nantucket Brant Point in Living Room

Deep Blue Accents

Create a feeling of positivity

Deep blue, similar to the color of the night sky or a beautiful sea, suggests a mood of calm and harmony. This beautiful color comes with several names and nuances, including: Cobalt, Royal Blue, Navy, Indigo, Lapis, Mediterranean Blue and Midnight Blue.

Deep blue complements almost any design plan, from the most modern look to Asian décor to traditional and Victorian styles.

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Consider these color combinations

Deep blue works as a beautiful accent with neutrals such as grey, ivory, white and beige, and it even pairs well with lighter shades of blue. On the cool side of the color spectrum, deep blue is beautiful when combined with periwinkle, lavender and pink.

Deep blue can also help to bring attention to other colors in a room, especially complementary warm hues, such as copper, rust, tangerine, lemon, and ochre.

Where to use deep blue accents

Consider using a deep blue tone in the following ways:

  • In striped, plaid or gingham patterns
  • For a dramatic accent wall in your powder room or foyer
  • Paired with soft and gauzy white fabrics for a summer décor
  • To create a nautical or beachy theme
  • To build an Asian look with ceramic stools, lamps and vases
  • To invent a Moroccan style with patterned tile, fabrics and rugs

Create peacefulness in your interior plan this year by adding a touch of deep blue.

Nantucket Brant Point in Living Room
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