Decorating with purple in your home

Decorating with Purple

Decorating with purple adds passion to your home.Decorating with purple in your home

And purple may even add passion to your life!

Be bold and add your favorite shade of purple to your home décor. It adds passion to your home.

Purple includes a wide range of colors. From the lightest, soft lilac to bold and bright violet – and everything in between.

The color names for various shades of purple speak to its range – including amethyst, eggplant, blackberry, lavender, orchid, periwinkle, cabernet and plum.

You can choose from so many shades of this beautiful color!

Purple is surprisingly flexible because it goes well with many decorating styles and so many other colors.

  • Purple teams beautifully with many neutrals, including cream, light gray, white, eggshell, brown and black.
  • Accents that work well include blue, aqua, ochre, teal, spring green and yellow.
  • You can even add just a touch of purple to a neutral paint color, so the finishing result seems like beige or cream or light gray, yet has an extra pizazz!

Purple can add a quirky or whimsical touch, and we all know that traditionally it’s a rich and royal color that can add sophistication and luxury to your home décor. Depending on the shade of purple you select, you can create a variety of feelings from soft and soothing to passionate, vibrant and magical.

If you’re nervous about adding such a passionate color to your home, think small. Throw pillows, a small upholstered chair, table linens, flowers, plants, paint on a small accent wall, or wallpaper in a powder room or guest bedroom.

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