Decorating with Lamps

Lamps are for more than just lighting.

Lamps on side table by couchLamps add beauty to a home.

A careful selection of lamps will light up your decor.

Lamps are not just for lighting; they add a finishing touch of style to most any room. Often lamps are an afterthought to a decorating project when, in fact, they can be the perfect fine tuning for a room, creating a feeling of warmth and soft mood.

Of course, function is key when considering lighting for your home. That’s why it’s best to work with a expert who can help you plan your complete lighting scheme, including overhead lights, recessed lighting, lamps and more.

To make a fashion statement, lamps should complement the style of your décor, either blending into the background or adding a distinctive touch that stands out. Lamps can be simple or ornate, masculine or feminine, traditional or modern. And there are so many choices in shape, size, color, material and shade style.

Think about adding lamps to create both a fashion statement and additional lighting:

  • Next to a sofa or easy chair
  • On a nightstand or dresser
  • Adorning a dining room sideboard
  • Atop an entry hall console table
  • On or near a desk in a home office
  • Up on the fireplace mantel
  • Even on the vanity in a powder room

To add a sense of symmetry, use a pair of lamps on a buffet table, nightstands, or side tables on either side of a sofa. You can create informal symmetry by placing a table lamp on one side of a sofa or bed, and a floor lamp on the other.

Focus on lamps this fall to create more intimate and engaging rooms.


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