Decorating with Bookshelves

Exhibit your treasures and reduce clutter

A beautiful set of bookshelves is about so more than just books! Bookshelves are a design element that is both functional and decorative. They solve some of your storage issues and, at the same time, help you display decorative items, such as statuary, vases, flower arrangements, clocks, plants, photos and yes, even books!

Bookshelves are not just for a home office or library; instead, they can add function and interest to almost any room of the house, from foyer to kitchen to bedroom and more.

(IMAGE: Bookshelves add beauty and function.)

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How to find the perfect bookshelves

Shelves come in almost any style, material, shape and color; some are closed in and others are open style. Bookshelves can be built-in, customized to your space, or they can be purchased as-is and set in place.

Different styles will have a different impact on your décor:

  • A vintage bookshelf can add a bit of history to your room
  • Industrial bookshelves add grit and an avant-garde vibe
  • A French boulangerie display shelf creates a European feel
  • Totally modern neutral bookshelves blend into the background of your decorating style

Consider your budget, style preferences, and the shelf location when making your selection.

(IMAGE: Industrial bookshelves add a bit of grit to your room. )

Tips for arranging your shelves

Consider these ideas to optimize the impact of your bookshelves:

  • For a new take on arranging books, lay books horizontally or organize your books by color
  • Install bookshelves along a stairway or around windows or a door
  • If your bookshelves have a closed back, paint the back a contrasting color
  • Don’t pack your shelves too tightly; leaving space empty creates a cleaner look
  • Use a bookshelf as a room divider, either at waist height or full height
  • Don’t forget about bookends; some are interesting and fun

Add appeal to the display of your prized possessions and clear up the clutter with a beautiful set of bookshelves.

(IMAGE: Arrange your books by color for added interest.)

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