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Decorating with Modern Art

Adding a piece of modern art creates drama, interest and emotion in a room.modern art hanging decoration

A striking piece of modern art can anchor a room beautifully.

Modern art adds conversational interest and a focal point.

Art in any style is a welcome enhancement to a home. The colors, shapes, brushstrokes and composition of modern art evoke a feeling, with their movement, energy and form.

Modern art most often is abstract, but sometimes it’s figurative, depicting visual reality. Modern art can be created in any medium in most any size and shape. It can be calming or energizing, monochromatic or brimming with color.

Often people add art as the finishing touch to a room. Another very effective design strategy is to start the look of a room with one dramatic piece of art, then plan the room’s style, furnishings and color around it.

When we think about art for our homes, we tend to think about wall art – flat art painted with water colors, oil paint or acrylics, and most often we hang art on a wall above the sofa or fireplace. There’s so much more to modern art, including:

  • collage
  • sculpture
  • found objects
  • ceramics
  • glass
  • light

And think about it – the most prominent piece of modern art in a room can be something we don’t even think of as art – such as a dramatic rug, a sculptural chair, a striking chandelier or an unusual coffee table.

Focus your rooms with a piece of modern art this season. It will reflect your personality and pull a room together beautifully. Modern art can transform a room from ordinary to extraordinary!

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