Custom Curtains or Custom Draperies. Which Should I Use?

So, you’re looking at adding some window treatments, and you’re uncertain about whether or not to go with custom drapery or curtains?

That would depend on what look you hope to have in your room. While curtains and draperies pretty much have the same definition, they have taken on somewhat different meanings in window treatments.

Fabric Drapery Panels by Carole
Fabric drapery panels provided by Pioneer come in a wide range of sizes, colors, and textures. These panels can be used to tie everything in a room together or create a focal point that gives rooms a classy touch.

Curtains are generally lightweight and somewhat transparent. They tend to be used in casual environments or to enhance the appearance of blinds. When a designer thinks of curtains they use terms such as light, airy, fun, colorful, cute, even sunny. Curtains are generally used in kitchens, bedrooms, pantries, or offices.

Draperies are generally heavier and opaque. They tend to be used in more formal settings such as a living room or dining room. When a designer thinks of draperies they tend to use terms such as dignified, elegant, beautiful, and magnificent. Draperies are also used for other purposes. They are much better at blocking light. They give much more privacy and can limit outdoor noise. They can also be used as thermal barrier to increase comfort and reduce energy costs.

The choice between draperies and curtains will depend on the setting and the look you desire. Both can be bought off the shelf or custom made. Store bought window treatments may have some advantage in price and immediacy but custom made curtains and draperies offer a dramatically larger choice of fabric designs and colors as well as a finished tailored look. Our workshop can exactly fit and size your curtains and draperies to give them them a custom length, pleat, and fit.

Learn more about Pioneer’s draperies here.

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