Custom Bamboo Window Shades

Pull a room together with these eye-catching window treatments

Bamboo window shades are a great way to infuse texture and warmth—along with a natural, organic aesthetic—into a space. And they’re extremely versatile, working well for a variety of design styles, from coastal and traditional to boho and Scandinavian. 

Thinking about adding bamboo shades to your home? While you can find bamboo shades at your local big box store, you’ll have a better experience if you opt for custom bamboo shades. 

Custom-made shades are crafted to your window’s specific measurements, meaning they’ll fit your window perfectly. You’ll also be able to choose from varied materials, enhancements such as edge banding and liners, and different control options—all of which you may not find in mass-produced shades.

Materials and Colors

Many custom-made bamboo shades are referred to as “woven woods.” That’s because these shades are crafted from bamboo mixed with other natural materials, such as grasses and reeds. 

Unlike 100 percent bamboo shades, which are available in brown tones, you’ll find that woven wood shades come in a wide variety of colors and textured fabrics, as well as more refined weaves. 

You’ll also find woven woods in different styles, including Roman, waterfall Roman, and vertical drapery, making them a great selection to complement any room in your home.

Enhancements and Specialty Shapes

Traditional bamboo shades are made of a loose weave which lets a lot of light into a room, while woven woods offer varying levels of privacy and light control. You can also add a liner with custom-made woven wood shades, for those rooms where you’d like less light-filtering and more privacy, such as a bedroom.  

Want a little flair? Add an edge banding, which gives woven wood shades more definition and pop.    

Another bonus of custom-made woven woods is that they’re available for specialty shapes, such as angled and bay windows, as well as sliding glass and patio doors. 

Control Options

You can choose from a host of manual options for opening and closing custom-made woven wood shades, from simply pulling up and pushing down on the bottom rail to wand control (for vertical drapery styles).

You can also add some smarts to your shades, for added comfort and convenience. Opt for automated shades, and you can easily control your shades with a remote, tap on your mobile device, automatically through set schedules you create—or even with your voice (when integrated with another smart-home system).


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