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Bring the Outdoors into Your Home


It’s obvious why spending time in nature is so calming and refreshing — the colors, the scents, the sounds. And by incorporating these elements into your home, it can actually improve your overall happiness.

Filling your home with plants or flowers might seem like an obvious first step. But here are a few other ways you can achieve an outdoorsy feel:

  • Choose window coverings that optimize your view. Natural light is uplifting and it’s good for your plants. And when you can, open your windows to bring in the fresh air.
  • Incorporate natural objects. When you’re outside and something catches your eye, bring it home. Use rocks as bookends or add a pinecone to your flower arrangement.
Mirrors add beauty and brightness to a room.
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Choose window coverings and other home elements made from natural fibers.


  • Choose décor made from natural fibers. Materials, like wicker, rattan, jute and hemp, can be found in products ranging from rugs and baskets to window fashions.
  • Hang artwork featuring natural elements. Do you love the beach? The lake? The mountains? Add photos or paintings that remind you of your favorite places.
  • Install a skylight. Who says you can’t sleep under the stars unless you’re camping? Why not put a skylight above your bed?
  • Indulge your other senses. Think about floral or woodsy scents. Or, buy an indoor water feature and relax to the sounds of rippling water.


  • Decorate with fruits and vegetables. Don’t just stick to plants and flowers. Lemons, limes and mint have aromatic benefits as well.
  • Use natural colors. Blues, greens or neutral tones that remind us of the sky, water, trees or earth can all provide an outdoorsy feel.

Most importantly, make sure to choose eco-friendly products, such as towels, paints and carpet. You’ll not only create a safer home, you’ll help protect the outdoors.

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Incorporate natural objects, such as moss and branches, into your décor.
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