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Bright Colors Energize Your Home

Bright colors will energize your interior design plan!Brightly colored chairs and pillows

Bright colors will enliven your home.

Add bright color to your interior design plan to create excitement in your décor and express your personality!

And perk up your life! You have so many choices for adding bright colors:

  • The clean primary colors of red, blue and yellow
  • Shocking pink and orange
  • Multiple versions of green, including Kelly green and acid green
  • Passionate purples from dark violet to lighter periwinkle
  • Earthy bright colors like rust, mustard and burnished red tones
  • Splashy spring tones of pink, green and yellow
  • Many hues of brilliant blue including royal blue, French blue and turquoise blue

Adding bright colors is all about being courageous! Here are some ideas:

  • Accent paint, such as one wall in a room, the cabinets of a kitchen center island, or the back walls of a built-in shelving system
  • The valance or top treatment of a window fashion or the tapes on a horizontal blind
  • Touches of bright color on a printed fabric used for upholstery or draperies
  • The backsplash in your kitchen or bath – or the border on a tile surface
  • One brightly painted accent table in the living room, great room or bedroom
  • Bed or table linens that can easily be changed when you tire of a specific bright hue

Add a touch of bright to your home this season. It will energize your living space.

Bright colors tend to make people feel energetic, so use them in moderation and in the rooms where you want to feel spirited and lively. Be cautious about using too much bright color; it can make a room chaotic, especially when the colors are in bold patterns.

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