Black and White Means Sophistication

Decorating with black and white adds sophistication and drama.


Black and white is such a simple color combination, yet it makes a beautiful statement in room decor.

There’s something about the mix of dark, rich black with soft, clean white that looks striking and engages visitors. We think of black and white as a thoroughly modern and minimal color statement, yet it also fits well with a traditional or transitional interior plan.

We think of it as an attention-getting scheme, but sometimes a few small touches of black and white quietly and beautifully fit in with the rest of the décor.

Black and white is a classic color combination. Use it alone or in partnership with other colors. It works well on its own, but it also plays well with hot pink, yellow, red and shades of gray. You can create an entire interior from black and white or use it as an accent.

Think black and white for:

  • Stone floors or mantles
  • Framed photos or prints
  • Striped, plaid, zebra print, paisley or checkerboard wallpaper or fabric
  • Back-splashes or countertops
  • Appliances and kitchen cabinets in black, with white painted walls and floors
  • Painted walls in white, with black lacquer doors and trim – or vice versa
  • Walls divided at waist height, with white on the top half and black on the bottom – or vice versa

Even outdoors you can create a black and white color scheme, with white paint, and black shutters, railings and roofing.

Consider black and white for your next interior design project. It will spice up your rooms just like a touch of salt and pepper in your food!

© Hunter Douglas

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