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Add an Exotic Decor Element

Adding an exotic element to your decor is a surprising touch.Exotic Latin American table

An exotic element creates conversation and personalizes your home.

You’ll seldom see your hand-crafted exotic item in someone else’s house!

An exotic element adds to the individuality of your home, especially if you brought the piece back from a special trip. Most people consider the following as exotic elements to add to their home décor:

  • Indian or East Asian fabrics
  • Moroccan or Indonesian end tables and lanterns
  • Latin American dining tables
  • Japanese ceramic stools
  • Polynesian sculptures
  • African masks and wall art
  • Asian stone sculptures
  • Exotic woods with dramatic grains and textures
  • Carpets and artifacts from the Southwest U.S.
  • Tiles from almost any country
  • Rugs from Turkey, Kashmir, Iran and so many other countries
  • Even tropical plants and flowers

Even in minimalist décor, one or two touches of the exotic can stand out; actually they’ll stand out even more than in a cluttered room. And even if the pieces are exotic and special, they can be in neutral colors that keep the zen feeling going strong.

Personalize your decor with an exotic element or two this year. It’s a conversation starter that will add energy to your home.

What do you consider an exotic home element? That definition has changed over time as our worlds have gotten smaller, and our population is more diverse.

We have more access to purchasing interior design elements from other cultures, in addition to bringing them home from our own travels.

The trick is to add enough exotic to make a room interesting, but not so much that the room is cluttered or looks out of place for your life style. A little goes a long way with exotic elements.

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